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If you or someone you know is currently suffering from anxiety, depression, grief, phobias or pain then 
you will know only too well how miserable and debilitating it can be.

Melanie Sparks offers both day evening appointments and most Saturdays at no extra cost.

This helps to keep client appointment waiting times to a minimum. 

After all, why would you want to suffer a day longer than you had to?

Melanie has been in practice over 15 years and has successfully helped literally thousands of both adults and children with so many different issues from quitting smoking, alcoholism, weight loss, panic attacks, fears and phobias, self harming and so much more.

The initial no obligation consultation is FREE


Please see the Therapies  page for further information on different types of healing that Melanie can offer. 

If you feel you're ready to heal, please use the contact page to start your journey to a happier you!

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