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What Is SRT

Clearing the ‘energy template’ of the body opens up a true pathway for healing.


Many everyday aches and pains, unwanted states of anxiety and high levels of stress, and even chronic illnesses, often have an energetic root cause.

We all run ‘programs’, much like a computer does when you switch it on. Programs are nothing more than our beliefs, perceptions and judgments about LIFE (and ourselves).  The body is the hardware, all of its hardwired processes are much like a computer’s operating system, and our thoughts and feelings responses to life show us what software programs we are running.

Negative programs limit our lives and bring about dysfunctional behaviour, whilst the positive ones bring us the profound ability to move through life with grace, even during stressful times.

During our earthly cycle, a time of high stress and negativity can propel us to search for greater meaning and understanding, and reconnect us to our Soul/Spirit, and our grander purpose.

Your core beliefs create your reality and the subconscious mind has no judgement. It simply records and replays negative thoughts, experiences and emotions as well as our positive ones. If there is a conflict or disagreement between the conscious desires held in the mind and the subconscious programming, the subconscious often wins.

Once you give the subconscious mind a message, it never lets go of the memory or command, until you deliberately tell it to release it. Once programmed, the subconscious mind is very zealous, powerful and exact in what it reproduces in your body, mind and affairs.

When you tap into your Higher Mind functions, then you can clear the negative programs that are running subconsciously.

In terms of a pathway for healing, we only need concern ourselves with researching and clearing the negative messages, since the positive ones naturally bring us joy and harmony.

Spiritual Response Therapy helps blocking energies which are impacting your health in some way.

Having a clearing session can help you to:

  • Break damaging patterns of behaviour

  • Dissolve minor and major health issues (chronic issues that medicine alone can’t solve)

  • Improve your personal relationships

  • Connect to inner guidance and spiritual support

  • Mitigate or even eliminate phobias, allergies, intolerances etc.

  • Dissolve addictions/addictive behaviours

  • Remove blocks to positive self-expression, including love, success and abundance

  • Improve your self-esteem and sense of purpose

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