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What Does It Feel Like To Be Hypnotised?

We all experience hypnosis throughout the day, as its a completely natural occurance. Whether we are aware of it or not, for example, when you are read a book or watch TV and are oblivious to other noises around you, thats hypnosis. Daydreaming too is a light form hypnosis.

Can Anyone Be Hypnotised?

Most people can be hypnotised as long as they want to be. There are a few medical exceptions but a hypnotherapist can't force you to go into hypnosis against your will.

Is It Dangerous?

No, in fact if anything you can be more aware of what is happening.

Although your eyes are closed your other senses can increase their awareness and sensitivity.

Hypnosis it is a naturally occurring process, like sleep, but unlike sleep you can hear and can wake up whenever you want to.

Will I Remember What Happened During my Hypnotherapy session?

Yes. Your mind can tend to wonder sometimes but you can still come out of hypnosis at anytime, Eg if you heard someone shout Fire you would wake up.

Will I Say Or Do Anything Embarrasing?

You remain in control at all times and know exactly what you are saying and doing. The hypnotherapist has no control over you or your mind and if you decide to wake up you will.

Will I Be Forced To Accept Improper Suggestions?

No. Your mind is very protective of you and you will not accept any suggestions that go against your own morals or beliefs. A professional certified hypnotherapist would never breech their code of ethics and make them to you anyway.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This all depends on the individual, the problem and desire for change . For stop smoking sessions it's usually only one session lasting about 90 minutes. For anything else it can range from 1 to 10 sessions. Once a week, fortnight or even month. This will be decised by you and you your therapist.

How Long Does A Session Last

General Session:               1 Hour

Quit Smoking Cessation:  3 Hours

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